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Submitting activities automatically

You can use any running apps you want, however if you use Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, Wahoo, Polar, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk or MapMyRide, you can now submit runs/rides/swims with just a few clicks. Your time, distance and route map will be loaded automatically. It's simpler, quicker and neater!

You can also set your activities to be submitted automatically towards your active iLuvRun races after finishing an activity!

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Are you a Garmin, Fitbit, Wahoo or Polar user?

Garmin, Fitbit, Wahoo and Polar users can now submit activities to iLuvRun races automatically when syncing with Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Wahoo or Polar Flow app! Skip the hustle of opening the website/app to submit your running/cycling/swimming activities. How cool is that?

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Registering to a race

To register to a race you'll need to be able to log in first. You can create an account by clicking the button below, or alternatively, you can log in using your social account.

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Running Leaderboard 2023

No.NameDistance (km)
1 Paul Adi Putro 🇲🇨 1,804.53
2 Haris Eko K.🇮🇩 582.23
3 Adistya Prameswari Permana 489.28
4 Agus Sudardji 400.82
5 Andry Poernomo 233.44

Riding Leaderboard 2023

No.NameDistance (km)
1 Teuku Faisal 454.19
2 Ilham Dhitsaha Tanlalana Firoyan 129.68
3 Ichasia Sidarta 63.86
4 Defri Agustian Damanik 50.06

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iLuvRun reserves the right to remove fraudulent submissions.

Your country isn't listed?

Like to join our race but your country isn't listed for medal delivery?

Ask us because we may be able to sort something out for you and deliver to your country!

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Want to save delivery cost?

Your medals can now be delivered in groups. Using group address may save you from high delivery cost.

You may register to multiple races using group address option, or share a group address with your colleagues, friends and families. The delivery cost will be charged once in the first registration and the rest can enjoy IDR 0 delivery cost. Isn't that awesome!

Be a delivery hero and get your medals delivered together!

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Earn reward points

When your registration is confirmed, you'll earn 5 Luv Points instantly. You'll however earn 10 Luv Points by getting your friends to register to paid iLuvRun races! Free races however are not eligible for reward points.

Luv Points can be redeemed for free races, Jabra Headsets and Garmin watches!

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