Running Distance Leaderboard

NameDistance (km)
Erwin Tjahyadi 2,352.38
Yuli Rianastasia 2,287.29
Arifin Theo 1,801.65
Andrew Daniel Tanuwijaya 1,786.78
Monica Finaldi 1,723.10

Running Pace Leaderboard

NamePace (min/km)
Mila Rahmawati 2:52
Latief Adikusumo 3:43
Riki Supriyadi 3:52
Rendy Putra Radita Pratama 4:11
Wilem Natalex Munster 4:20

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Riding Distance Leaderboard

NameDistance (km)
Handa Sudartan 5,953.01
Adi Suherman 3,539.24
Johanes Singgih 3,194.75
Bayu Hanggoro 3,127.50
Adi Wiyasa 2,811.50

Riding Speed Leaderboard

NameSpeed (km/h)
Dennis King 29.48
Sapto Nugroho 28.69
Fo Rie 28.58
Bonaventura Y. Pranoto 28.55
Johansyah Horman 27.95

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Distance to be covered and period of time involved are usually pre set or chosen beforehand in Virtual Run events. However, it still probably is the most convenient and flexible kind of race as runners are able to set all the factors involving the race themselves. Commitment and discipline are hence very much needed to complete the race.

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