Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there an age limit for taking part?

No, any participants of all ages and ability levels are welcome to join.

How can I register to the race?

You can register to the race online at

If you don't have an account, you can register and activate your account first. Alternatively you can login using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or Apple account.

Do I need account to register?

No, you can login using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or Apple account as well.

How do I know if I have been registered and my payment has been verified?

When your registration is successful, you'll get a confirmation on the screen. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address that you provide during registration. Please make sure you enter the correct email address.

Why haven't I received an email confirmation?

There are two possibilities if you have not received an email confirmation.

  1. The confirmation email went to the junk mail/spam folder
  2. There was a problem with the mail server

If no email confirmation is received with one hour of successful transaction, please let us know at

Can I register other people?

Every participant needs to register indiviudally since one email address can only be used for one registration.

What are the payment modes for the registration?

You can pay by:

  1. Credit card
  2. Virtual account
  3. Direct debit (CIMB Clicks and Danamon Online)
  4. e-Wallet (GoPay, OVO, Dana, LinkAja, ShopeePay and QRIS)
  5. Akulaku
  6. Over the counter at Alfa and Indomaret Group shops
  7. Transfer/deposit to our BCA account
Is the online registration system secure?

Yes, our registration site is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) coded, a security protocol which is used and reflected by HTTP Secure (https) in the website address to represent a secure connection.

I have more than one race I need to complete on the same day. Can I submit one run for multiple races?

Yes, when you submit you run, you can select the race(s) that you want your run to be recorded for. You may submit one run for both, or for one; it's up to you.

Do I have to submit my run on the same day?

You can only submit your run after your race starts, but before the race ends. So, for example if you have a 30-day race and today is the 29th day, you can still submit your run the next day. But if you run on the last day, you can only submit your race before 00:00 (GMT+7).

If it's a one-day race then you have to submit your run on the same day before 00:00 (GMT+7).

Can I change race category?

Yes, please let us know at before the race ends and we'll change the race category for you.

What if I register for 100k category but I finish 200k?

You'll get a 100k medal. Plan your race ahead; if you feel awesome and can complete more, please let us know before the race ends and we'll upgrade your race category.

What if I register for 200k category but can only finish 100k?

Unfortunately, you won't get a medal. However if you let us know before the race ends, we'll downgrade your race category.

What are Luv Points and iLR?

Luv Points are reward points issued to you when you're successfully registered to a paid race; or when a friend you introduce is successfully registered to a paid race.

iLR is the currency unit for Luv Points. It's like Rp to Indonesian Rupiah. All rewards you can redeem for are priced in iLR.

How do I earn Luv Points?
How? Luv Points
Successful paid race registration iLR 5
A friend you introduced is successfully registered to a paid race iLR 10

Get Luv Points faster by sharing your unique link to your friends and communities. You can find then copy and share your link at your dashboard.

What can I get for my Luv Points?

You can redeem your Luv Points for a lot of awesome rewards to support your running activities. You can redeem iLuvRun races, Garmin watches, Jabra bluetooth headsets and many more rewards like armbands, powerbanks and handfree headsets from Jete. Please check out the Luv Reward page.

What apps/devices are accepted when submitting a run?

All the GPS-based applications, running gadgets, and indoor treadmills are allowed. However, we do not accept pedometer applications. Below are some of recommended applications:

  • Endomondo
  • Garmin Mobile
  • Map My Run
  • Nike+
  • Runkeeper
  • Runtastic
  • Strava
Why haven't I received my medal?

There are several reasons as to why you haven't received your medal:

  • You haven't finished your race/submitted late. Kindly check the deadline of the race and the date and time of your submission.
  • The courier did not find your address. Please make sure you submit the right and accurate address when you register.
  • Your post may have been lost/is still being delivered by the delivery company. All posts are registered, so please let us know at and we'll track it for you.
What should I do if I move house?
  • Please let us know immediately at before the race ends.
  • If the race has ended and you completed your race successfully, the medal might have been sent to the old address Please let us know at and we'll track it for you.
Is international postage available?

Yes, some. We deliver your medals to addresses in Indonesia, Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam at the moment.

Do you deliver anywhere in Indonesia?

We deliver to 466 cities/regions across 34 provinces. There's a very good chance we deliver to your address too.

Is the delivery free?

Most of the time, we subsidise delivery costs up to IDR 15,000 to make sure the delivery cost is as low as possible. Some areas may get free delivery.

Please check your delivery cost.

When will the medal be delivered?

We expect the delivery to be made within three working days after your race is completed. If there is engraving, we expect the delivery to be made within seven working days.

Should I choose not to participate after I have registered for the race, can I withdraw?

Yes, however no refund will be given. No medal will be given either if you don't complete your race.

Is it still possible to make changes to the data that I have provided after registration?

You can login and make changes to most of your personal details. Your email, first and last names however cannot be changed.

Please login and go to to change your personal details.

What should I do if I have accidentally deleted my confirmation email?

Please let us know at and we'll resend the confirmation slip to the email address you provided.

What should I eat before a race?

The best thing to have before the race is a high carbohydrate meal and plenty of water or a sports drink. 

Are walkers permitted to participate in iLuvRun races?

Yes, you're most welcome to walk. Please make sure you cover the distance your race is for.

Will participants be allowed to use bikes or skates during race for the races?

No, participants may not use or otherwise have bikes or skates for the races.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you would like additional information please contact us at or WhatsApp at +62 81330733073.