What We Do.

Medal Design and Production

We believe in designing more than just a medal. Eventually, it's a reward for all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into getting over the finish line.

Our designers always push creativity and imagination to the limits designing medals and ribbons according to the given theme. We carefully determine medal size, thickness, materials and the use of enamel colours along with ribbon thickness. Once the design is finalised and approved, a mould is immediately prepared for review. We will then oversee the actual transformation of raw metals into a perfect medal.

At iLuvRun we can offer a customised engraving on every medal earned to give a personal touch.

Virtual Race Event

Our goal is to inspire people to move every day. Through virtual races, we provide motivation for individuals, small businesses, charities and corporate wellness programs. Individuals can build a team race among their colleagues or run a route solo to keep track of their kilometres.

We work closely with charities, running clubs and commercial operators to help deliver great events. For each event we design a unique medal; we believe that a unique and beautiful medal should be earned by finishing a race.

We have developed a web page that takes care of the race registration and online payment system, activity submission, progress checking, issuing e-bib and e-certificate and medal delivery tracking. We also have official Facebook and Instagram pages for getting the word out about your race and maintaining interest in the period after people have signed up, but before the race date.

Our Portfolio

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