Burung Cendrawasih Ride

There are many species of Cendrawasih but the most famous are the large yellow Cendrawasih (Paradisaea apoda). This bird that becomes Papuan mascot has beautiful feather colours. Because of the colour elegance, Cendrawasih is called as the bird from heaven.

The existence of Cendrawasih is increasingly threatened. Illegal hunting as well as habitat damage in the wild are some of the main causes of the increasing scarcity. Today these exotic beautiful birds are categorised as protected species.

In Indonesia, several species of Cendrawasih including small yellow, botak, raja, red and toowa are included in the list of protected species. The use of Cendrawasih feathers is still allowed only for the benefit of local people in decorating their traditional clothes, but fortunately the Papuan people have the local wisdom and customs to help preserve this bird.

Race Information

Race type: individual

Ride within: 1 Mar 2019 00:00 - 31 Dec 2023 23:59 (GMT+7)

Completion: complete in max 31 days (less if start late); multiple rides

Registration closes: on 31 Dec 2023 23:59 (GMT+7) or while slots last

Price: from IDR 119,000 including medal delivery of maximum IDR 15,000

Categories: 150km Ride, 300km Ride, 600km Ride and 1200km Ride

Multiple category registrations: not allowed

Ride for a reason! Earn IDR 30,000 for World Wildlife Fund for every registration

Finisher's awards: finisher's medal with FREE engraving, e-certificate and e-badge

Burung Cendrawasih (front)
Burung Cendrawasih (rear)
click/tab medal to flip

Estimated medal delivery: 5-7 days upon race completion

General rules:

  • Refund and/or transfer of bib is not allowed.
  • "No completion, no award"; This race is based on honour system, account may be suspended if false/fake submissions are found.

Fundraising Update!

26 racers registered. IDR 780,000 raised.